188mm (Standard) BMW Differential 2-Clutch Upgrade Performance Kit

188mm (Standard) BMW Differential 2-Clutch Upgrade Performance Kit

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Which 188mm (Standard) Differential LSD Rebuild Kit Should I Choose?

We are commonly asked what's the best kit for individual needs. It's easy to choose the best kit for your needs using two simple steps:

Street v. Performance

  • Select the street option if your vehicle primary use is on the street. The street option best serves most of our customers. Our street kits are an excellent upgrade for your stock or modified street car. These kit versions offer similar preload (static lockup) and driving characteristics as a stock differential. By keeping excessive preload at bay, normal driveability is maintained even when adding additional clutches.
  • Select the performance option if your vehicle spends a good majority of time on racetracks, autocross courses or similar. Our performance kits are aimed specifically at customers who spend a good amount of time at the track or autocross course. The performance kit versions reduce preload (static lockup) for better in-turn performance during driveline neutral events. A small disadvantage to less preload is that the clutches will wear slightly faster due to being able to breakaway more easily.

Number of Clutches

  • Select two clutches if you must conform to class rules (racing, autocross, etc.) or have an absolute desire to keep your differential in stock configuration. NOTE: Most enthusiasts are best served purchasing a three clutch upgrade kit.
  • Select three clutches if you want a significant upgrade without sacrifice. The three clutch kits are our most popular products and are the best choice for the majority of our customers.
  • Select four clutches if you want the most traction available out of your differential. For forced induction setups, this is a must. This kit is also highly preferred by HPDE enthusiasts as it is a balanced with gobs of traction when needed.